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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bed Time

It was bedtime for the girls.  After the bath, tickles, and teeth brushing, it was time to read the three stories that constitute part of the bedtime routine.  Rick and I settled in, he on the bed with Sylvie while I sat on the floor by the bed with Caitlin and the bottle.

Then Georgie appeared; the four legged female, with the golden mane.  After failing to get between Caitlin and me, she settled into a position at Rick's feet, head on my legs, eyes closed. (Maybe she enjoyed the story about the mouse best of all, with visions of chasing it running through her head). Caitlin sucked her way through the stories, watching Sylvie as she interacted with her grandfather about the books.

Rick and I exchanged knowing glances, living in the sweet moment.

                         Caitlin, Georgie, Sylvie

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