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Monday 3 November 2014

Exercise...the Right

As we watched the events of terrorism unfold the last few weeks we are reminded of the gift we have in this place we call home, " the True North strong and free." We feel momentarily helpless when our way of life is threatened and wonder what we can do. Soon however reason takes over and we go on as we were, not to give terrorism the upper hand by changing how we live. One thing we do to preserve our way of life is vote.

It's election day in Prince Edward Island, municipal elections this time. We look forward to these days. Four years ago, we lived here just a few months, not long enough to qualify for the privilege of voting though we worked to inform ourselves of the local issues. This time, we are informed and can vote. We're ready.

               Polling Station

My early years of voting in Newfoundland were in the last years of the Smallwood era and the beginning of the conservative era which began with Frank Moores. It was an interesting time in which to live and be a part of the making of Newfoundland history.

My parents were Progressive Conservatives. In the early 1960s they hosted meetings at our home for a fledgeling conservative party organization trying to get a foothold in the west end of St. John's/Mount Pearl. I watched the proceedings with interest as they went door to door and worked election day to get out the vote. I was old enough to be interested but did not understand the politics. With time I did understand the significance of my parents' concerns for their province and country. I wanted to do my part as well.

Today I am not politically affiliated; I vote for the person I think best represents the issues as I see them in any election. This voting exercise is not as regular as the daily physical activity we do. It is however important to the well being of our country and it depends on each of us doing our part. There is a big pay-off with this simple exercise and one which is even more important in the face of threats to our way of life.

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