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Monday, 7 April 2014

Dad's Anniversary

I am older now than my father, Samuel Pretty, was when he died. (Sigh of relief). I have had this age on my mind for a few years now and as it got closer, it seemed more threatening. Then life intervened and I forgot about the passing days and the looming date. It passed without recognition on my part. Yesterday as I walked in the cool spring air in Prince Edward Island, it occurred to me that the day had passed.

As of tomorrow, Dad has been dead for twenty eight years but I've thought about him more and he's felt closer now then he has in years. I guess the age comparison is the thing that caused the thoughts and feelings. Poor Dad. He had health issues all his life but when he retired, he and Mom had enough money to be comfortable and time to do things they wanted. He got cancer. Dad was on the cusp of having time and ability to enjoy life, grandchildren, travel, relaxation, and puttering around in the shed and basement which he loved to do. Then he was gone.

I won't waste a day of the rest of it, Dad.

                                                        Sam and Mary Pretty

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