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Monday, 14 April 2014


Summerside has been our home for almost four years now. When we decided to move to Prince Edward Island, we wanted to live near Claire and Ben but in a larger center where services were readily available without much travel. Summerside fit the bill.

The choice of Summerside has been a great one for us. We're constantly amazed with how much is in this community compared to our previous home in Grand Falls-Windsor. In addition, we never hear that the stock hasn't arrived because of problems with weather or the Gulf ferries. That is a problem unique to Newfoundland. 

Here, stock is constantly supplied to the retailers because of the bridge and our proximity to mainland Canada. While the bridge may be closed to high sided vehicles periodically, it never seems to last for long. Everything is available quickly from our perspective. It's amazing to us to hear a store clerk say, apologetically, that it will take two days to get a part or desired item. Our Newfoundland sensibility is very pleased with that prospect.

We are also fascinated with the Canada geese that appear every spring on their way north like other Canadian 'snow birds' who winter in the south. These beautiful creatures appear again in the autumn as they head south. We didn't see the flocks of Canada geese like these in Newfoundland. Their unique sounds, flying formations and appearance all captivate us.

The first autumn that we lived here, we were amazed with the number of geese that landed in Summerside Harbour during the day. Walking along the boardwalk by the bay we stopped to watch and listen every day.

One day, a passerby commented, "Too bad you can't use a shotgun here, hey?" 

We were taken aback. We weren't picturing them on the dinner plate but of course people hunted them. Every fall hunters wait in blinds by the fields frequented by the birds to shoot geese for the dinner table.

In 2007, Rick and I toured Ireland which we thoroughly enjoyed. One evening, at dusk, we were on a beautiful bay in a tour boat with people from all over the world. Various creatures inhabited the air, land and sea of that bay including seals. Others on the boat were enchanted with the seals. Not us! All we could see was seal flipper dinner! Our Newfoundland sensibility was at work again. 

PostScript:  the geese are in the skies above Prince Edward Island again. Welcome back dear honkers. 



Samantha Pretty, Frank and Michele's daughter, is part of the Canadian team at the World Powerlifting Championships in South Africa in June this year. Way to go, Samantha!

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