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Tuesday 27 May 2014


Samantha Pretty is part of the Canadian team headed to the World Powerlifting Championship in South Africa on Friday. She'll travel for two days with six other members of the team from Newfoundland to reach Johannesburg. From there, they travel northeast to Potchefstroom where she competes on June 6. 

        Samantha Jane Pretty

Because she is the first person in our family to compete in anything at the world level, you can imagine how proud we are of Samantha. However we are also proud of the person she's become, due in no small part to her parents, Frank and Michele and the influence of the grandparents with whom she lived, Jack Taylor and Mary Pretty.

Never one to just follow the crowd, Samantha has always done her own thing, mature beyond her years from an early age. She is not shy or reticent, though humble, very grounded, working hard at two jobs on occasion besides attending college. Samantha excelled at karate for a number of years, played soccer and volleyball. However she found her passion when she discovered powerlifting and the Heavy Weights gym in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. There she discovered the physical strength that was as great as her strength of character. 

Samantha, no matter what happens at this competition, you're already a winner. Our wish for you is that you soak up every minute of the experience, do the best you can on the day, and enjoy the journey.

Safe travels, great lifting! 

Love, Aunt Marie and Uncle Rick

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