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Saturday 31 May 2014


When Spaniards come to Canada, do they go to Tim Horton's? If so, I can imagine what they think. 

We had a beautiful, leisurely, buffet breakfast at the hotel this morning where the coffee is prominently displayed. The coffee, espresso, is very strong and drunk by the gallons in tiny cups, which are refilled numerous times. ( We knew this but hadn't lived it before). For us, coffee isn't as strong to say the least and as part of a people who like the occasional Timmy's, it's eye opening in more ways than one.

Rick is the coffee drinker in our house. I prefer tea and at first glance, it's not available in the restaurant. However, on closer look, there it is, underneath the counter where the coffee and it's technologically advanced brewer are prominently displayed. The tea bags are in a drawer.

Spaniards drink their espresso straight if this morning is any indication. But it's not just a Spanish thing; Europeans, in general, like espresso. We're the Americano coffee drinkers. It's live and learn for us today. Tomorrow morning, we'll have the Americano coffee which we discovered after Rick had seven espressos. When he comes out of orbit later today, we'll go to the Prado, a different cultural experience.

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