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Friday, 15 August 2014

Green Park, Prince Edward Island

It was a glorious day as we headed out to Green Park about fifty kilometers northwest of Summerside. Rick, Sylvia, my mother-in-law, Georgie, the dog and I were going for another picnic. We hadn't been to Green Park before so we were looking forward to exploring a new area.

The rolling countryside with its patchwork fields of various crops and hay certainly make PEI green. However this park lives up to its name with various types of huge trees; the day use area has huge birches which provide an incredible canopy on such a hot day. Again today there is a breeze to keep away the mosquitoes.

          Day use area

After a lunch which included sandwiches made with Sylvia's flax bread, we walked the beach. There was a man in chest waders who greeted us as we approached his area of the beach. It looked like he was digging in the water then straining the soil through a basket. I asked what he was doing. 

                         Clam digger

"Digging for clams," was the reply. 

"Are they plentiful?" I asked.

"I'm getting about ten pounds an hour. I'll get enough for the crew," he said.

We walked along the beach where the effects of erosion are very obvious. I had taken pictures of the warning sign on the edge of the beach above, near where we ate. The precariously perched trees near the sign were clinging to the ledge, looking like they would topple at any minute with the gusty winds.

                       Sign of erosion

             Hanging on

          Ready to topple

This park has a camping area besides the day use area. There is an Rv camping field as well as rentals available. The rentals are single rooms, with bunk beds and a table and chairs, great for people who don't want to sleep in a tent. They look clean and well maintained.


The whole park is clean, tidy, lawns manicured. There are several washrooms, showers, cook houses, lots of picnic tables, a lovely park. There were a few people on the beach that day but we were alone as we explored. We were also the only people in the day use part of the park. Nearby, preparations were underway for a wedding reception that weekend. 

                   Camping site

The park has historic value as well. The location was the site of the shipbuilding industry in Prince Edward Island in the 1800s. We didn't explore the museum or the shipbuilders house that day but plan to go back another time to check them out. The natural beauty of the park that day was enough.

           Outside the Shipbuilding Museum

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