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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Teenagers of Tomorrow...Today

Recently Sylvia, my mother-in-law, and I overheard a conversation between two preschoolers, a boy on a bike and a girl about the same age. We were at one of the parks in Prince Edward Island and the two children were talking as their families relaxed nearby. It appeared that the children didn't know each other prior to this encounter.

       Children in the park

The boy, sat on his bike, told the girl how well he could ride. He said, "I can pop wheelies, ride with one hand for thirty seconds and even ride with no hands, but only for a second."

The boy went on to describe his other biking abilities. The girl was impressed with the bike and commented on how great it was.

As a high school teacher, I saw this scene played out numerous times in classrooms and corridors of schools. Young men described their prowess at any number of things, including their ability on a variety of motorized vehicles, and young women who listened with interest. It starts much earlier than high school obviously.

         Driver Sylvie with passenger Caitlin

Then there's the interaction between our three year old and one year old granddaughters. The three year old, Sylvie, drove a little motorized car last year, while her baby sister sat beside her. This year, Caitlin is old enough to want to drive the car and isn't willing to sit quietly next to Sylvie. The struggle for the car is starting early between these two.

    Driver Sylvie with wannabe driver Caitlin

They grow up so fast today, don't they?

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