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Monday, 22 September 2014


I am in the market for a new camera. On our recent vacation I saw some of the pictures taken by our fellow travelers and they were great. My pictures lack the definition afforded by these other cameras. However, the composition of my pictures needs to improve as well. There are numerous blurred and otherwise useless shots and it is unfortunate on occasion when important moments aren't captured properly. 

Sylvia, my mother-in-law, recently told me the story of her grandfather and his camera adventures. Pop Joe Lawrence was in his eighties when he got his first movie camera. He was so excited to have it and took movies of everything. Soon after he had the camera, he was walking in the Orangeman's Day parade in Port aux Basques, July 12th. He was a member of the Orange Lodge. That day he shot lots of footage but somehow only shot the road. Pop needed help with the camera too.

Joe was a widower for more than thirty years and while he lived in his own home with one of his daughters and her family, he spent time alone in his cabin at Robinson's, north of Port aux Basques. He was certainly able to keep house and cook for himself. For a man born in 1888, he was ahead of his time in that regard.

Except when it came to cameras. I know how he felt.

P. S. Orangeman's Day is a provincial holiday in Newfoundland even today though the parade tradition may have been discontinued.

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