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Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Juice

Rick and I are of the school which believes in global warming. With the extremes of weather in Canada and throughout the world, the global warming prognosticators are correct. We have always lived on eastern Canadian islands and this beautiful little Prince Edward Island is threatened for certain.

Preparation is the key for us with the changing climate. With four generations of our family living in the area now, we want to be ready to house everyone in the event of an extended power outage. As a result, we have a generator ready to go if the need arises. It will be able to provide energy for warmth, heating or freezing food, pumping out water or providing for a variety of other needs.

               Generator ready to go

When Rick worked at Newfoundland Light and Power in Corner Brook before he started teaching, sometimes he manned the phones. During a power outage, the query was always, "When will the juice be back on?"   

Thankfully for us now, the threat of losing 'the juice' especially in heavy rain, won't be as nerve wrecking. Now we'll just worry about losing the roof in high winds.

    Ready for an emergency

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