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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Winter Daydreams

Stood at the patio door, the sun feels warm and brilliant as it approaches the vernal equinox in a few weeks.

In moments like this, it is easy to forget that the snow is piled high below the deck. Looking out, the orange markers are visible, indicating where the vegetable planter box is located. 

It is buried under mounds of snow, the most ever on this island, so planting in that box seems light years away.

While dreams of the vegetable patch seem so unrealistic today, the strength of the sun gives me renewed hope.

I can see it now, the tomatoes, herbs, green beans from the vegetable patch, or the rhubarb and grapes from around the base of the patio.

And while some food requires new plantings, the rhubarb roots and grape vines are hidden there under the piles of snow, just waiting for the opportunity to embrace the sun again. 

They will be waiting a bit longer this year it appears.

This island, covered in record snowfall, awaits the spring melt now, not with anticipation but rather with dread. What flooding may await! People here, equipped with sump pumps in their basements, are accustomed to eliminating water every spring. However this year will be a test of that drainage system. All we need is a rapid melt to take the situation from manageable to a disaster. A power outage with a quick melt would be catastrophic.

So, the daydreams of planting and growth are tempered today with thoughts of massive snow melt and water damage. My life in eastern Canada has made me acutely aware of the environment and its potential impact on our lives.

Prince Edward Island will be an interesting place over the next few months! I'll keep you posted.

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Unknown said...

Ah Marie,hang onto those pics because come July those snowbanks will be but a distant memory!