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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Child's Play

There are those who contend that children will show us their career paths by their play throughout childhood. Considerations such as whether they prefer solitary work or work with others will become evident through their play. This idea makes me think about our daughter Claire's early years, when she 'nursed' many family members. 

               Claire and Nanny Pretty

The medical kit was a favourite toy. Claire tried all the equipment on everyone she encountered.

   Claire checking Pop Pretty

 All she required of her patients was for them to sit or lie still. 

    Claire checking great uncle France O'Brien

Our little girl loved working with people, taking care of them.

Through her experience in high school, Claire decided nursing was for her. She focussed on that goal and continues to work as a nurse today.

                 Caitlin at the computer

Now there are two other little girls playing in our family.

              Sylvie playing sleepy plane

 I wonder what their play indicates about their career choices?

         Our ballerinas

   Uber driver and daredevil

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