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Thursday 10 September 2015

The Eyes Have It

Our youngest granddaughter, Caitlin, has beautiful, though unusual eyes. Their colour is influenced by the amount of light and the colour of her clothes. For a time, we thought her eyes were blue, or green like her great grandmother Smith. Now the consensus is blue gray, most of the time. 

A discussion with family members reveals that Caitlin's great great grandfather, Ern Smith, had the same eye colour. 

Ern's daughter, Marie, talks about her father's unusual eyes. His were not the familiar brown or blue, but rather a light colour that was difficult to identify as well.

Caitlin's remarkable eyes are expressive and full of life, mischievous with a little twinkle, sad with a tear, curious with a furrowed brow, pouty with pursed lips or happy with a grin. They tell their own story today but link Caitlin to her fourth generation ancestor. He would have been delighted with her and her beautiful eyes.

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