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Wednesday, 13 November 2013


We know the way now, not having to think about the route any more. It was the first visit to the apple orchard for this year.  It was a beautiful day with a cool breeze taking some of the heat from the warm sun.  A perfect day for apple picking!  I told myself I needed just enough for some baking this week.  Right!

Mother was with Rick and l as we parked and took our shopping bags to walk down the path towards the Melbas; good for baking.  A straight route to the second field takes you through patches of red or green apples in various stages of ripeness.  Finding the trees full of the huge, partially red clusters of apple goodness, we picked until we had enough for ourselves and Claire, our daughter.  More than enough for me really, as I couldn't pull myself away from the bounty of fruit.

On the way back to the car, I was thinking about last year when we went to the orchard with Mother, Father, Sylvie, our granddaughter and Claire.  A year is like a decade in the circumstances it brings sometimes.  That's when Mother mentioned him.

He's always with us, especially during the apple harvest.  Bitter sweet!

     Melvin Smith with great granddaughter, Sylvie, September 2012

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