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Monday, 18 November 2013


She wasn't yet three and she was as cute as a button.  When Claire and I went into the living room,  this little black haired beauty with the gorgeous dark eyes and round face came into the room and took me by the hand.  She wanted to know if we were hungry. Since we hadn't had supper, we nodded yes and she disappeared.

    Samantha Jane Pretty, Born:  November 18, 1994

We continued to talk to my brother, Frank and his wife, Michele.  Before long she was back again taking me by the hand.  In the kitchen she had bread, peanut butter and a butter knife out on the kitchen floor. The jar was open and she had started to spread copious amounts of peanut butter on the bread, but mainly on the floor and on herself.


I watched for a few minutes as she licked her fingers and offered me the bread.  Since we were headed out to supper, I said no; so she ate it herself.  

I learned a lot about Samantha that day.  She was bright, kind, resourceful, determined and independent. These qualities are as obvious today as they were then. 

Happy 19th, sweetie.  And as my father said to your father on his birthday, "Don't let it go to your head."  

Well, maybe just a little bit!

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