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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Who is your hero?  In my life there are several and they are all women who are single parents.  Some single mothers raise the children on their own, without any support of the fathers.  In some cases the fathers prove to be a burden rather than a support. While undoubtedly there are single fathers in the same situation, it is not as common as it is for single moms.

How does a mother manage to do everything involved with work, home and raising children totally on her own?  How do you spend every day, every week, solely responsible for children, home and work to support it all?  How do you nurse a sick child, and juggle a job on your own?

Parents left to manage a family for a short time without their spouse, know that feeling when the other person comes in the door and can take over for you or at least share the responsibility.  It is incredible to me how single parents, on their own, do it. 

Often the women sacrifice their own personal lives for their children.  In essence, because they are great mothers, they feel they don't have a choice.  That's not to say that they regret any of their choices. They would do it again willingly to have the wonderful, productive children that they raised.  

I believe that 'angels' or special people come into our lives to teach us something if we are wise enough to learn.  Sometimes the message is hard to decipher.  However, with these mothers, the lesson on love is very obvious!

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