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Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Nudge

Claire was an infant and I was still on maternity leave.  We lived in Buchans, Newfoundland at the time. One Friday afternoon after Rick finished work, he and I left Claire with our friend Betty, and went to Grand Falls to shop. (Grand Falls is about an hour drive from Buchans).

How nice to get away for a few hours! The demands of being a new mother had taken its toll over the last several weeks. Getting away for a few hours would give me a new perspective, at least that's what I thought.

We shopped around as we usually did, pre-baby, and relaxed as we ate supper.  What did we talk about? The baby of course!  Also it was amazing that shopping for groceries felt new and interesting after feeling house-bound for a time.

The beautiful winter evening was darkening as we headed home over the road to Buchans.  We talked about our experience of parenthood thus far and plans for the summer. We were within a few kilometers of home when it happened. We looked to the left of the car, a Volkswagon Rabbit, and there it was, along the center line, headed in the same direction, next to the driver's side door.  When I looked over and up all I saw was the underbelly of this huge moose.  At eye level I could see its knees.  Rick was surprised but kept going, steady as he usually is.  The moose kept going as he was too and we soon outran him.  Eventually that night our hearts returned to their regular beats.

We had left an infant that day, totally oblivious of the potential danger to ourselves and the impact it would have on her life. We realized we had decisions to make about her future in case we weren't as lucky next time. We had been given a nudge by a moose so we did our wills as soon as possible.

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