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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Dreams of a Green Christmas

Age has a way of changing one's perspective about many things, snow as an example. There was a time when having snow for Christmas was all important. The thought of Christmas Eve without snow was unthinkable. When I was a child coming out of Midnight Mass on early Christmas mornings, snow gently fell around us as greetings of Merry Christmas filled the air. It was your best dream of Christmas.

Then as time passed and life happened, snow became a hindrance to travel at Christmas. Delays due to weather meant the loss of precious moments with friends and loved ones. Snow filled the driveway when we returned home as well, making for long hours of shoveling. The image of snow falling gently was a cruel fallacy.

Now the thought of a green Christmas is most welcome. Besides the lack of shoveling, and the fact that we do not travel at Christmas any more, the milder weather is easier on the old bones. We had a mild, green Christmas this year.

      Christmas Day 2014

Meanwhile, a new generation, our granddaughters, look at the snow with excitement and wonder at Christmas and other times, as they gaze out, wanting to play in the snow.

                  Sylvie and Caitlin

In their minds, there is a snowperson out there waiting to be born.

However, the best of both worlds is enough snow for a snowperson and exposed grass. Everyone is happy!


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