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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Tea Anyone?

She liked nice things and bought them herself when she worked as a seamstress at Goodyear and House in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. This was in the days when all furniture was solid wood and she always saved for the best she could afford. The tea cart was such a purchase at Hann Brothers.

        Classie's tea cart

Classie Mercer, Rick's grandmother, was that woman. She was a wonderful cook and loved to entertain her family and friends. She and her husband, Dick Mercer, lived in a little green and white house on East Valley Road in Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Classie had a small dining room where she kept the tea cart with her table, chairs and buffet. She had a china cupboard that she filled with beautiful dishes, cross and olive crystal. Classie set a beautiful table which she filled with delicious food. 


The tea cart always held the beverages, china cups and dessert. Her pies were outstanding, made with various berries, lemon, apple. You saved room for dessert if you ate at Classie's house. 

Dick, a lover of desserts, passed his sweet tooth on to his sons, Dick and Carl. His grandson, Rick, inherited the trait as well. 

                      Tea and Cookies

The tea cart found a good home after Classie died. It gets rolled out when there is company and is the service area for beverages and dessert, just as Classie did. She is in our thoughts any time we use it.

Today is such a day.


Unknown said...

Marie, I hope the person who inherits this tea cart loves it as much as you do.

Marie Smith said...

I hope so too. It is very special to us.