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Thursday 29 October 2015

Hallowe'en Joy

Hallowe'en spirit arrived at our house

after a recent visit from our granddaughters. 

We scooped the "stuffing" out of pumpkins 

and carved faces in them. 

The roasted seeds made a delicious afternoon snack.

The journey to this Hallowe'en 

has trick or treated its way 

through great joy the last four years, 

first with Sylvie and then with her sister, Caitlin, too.

Hallowe'en through the eyes of a young child is wondrous. 

I wish you such wonder.

Happy Hallowe'en! ...From this girl too.



Unknown said...

Great story with pictures. Love the look of their faces! Happy Halloween Sylvie and Caitlin!!!

Eleanor Ruth gallant said...

What a beautiful story also so nice to look back how their hallowe'en started They sure will appreciate it when they get older just love that Georgie with the hat

Angela said...

Lovely time to make memories! You have beautiful granddaughter's!!! We hope someday to have a few. My daughter is married but so far no children. It was a lovely day here but quite windy. Wishing you a wonderful Halloween! Thank you for your visit and comment!

Shammickite said...

Thank you for visiting my little blog! Yes, Hallowe'en is super fun, but sadly I'm not enjoying it with my little grandchildren tonight as I am sidelined by the worst head cold ever! Thank goodness for Kleenex! They will show me their costumes when I'm not so infectious.

Marie Smith said...

Thank you for visiting! Happy Hallowe'en.

Marie Smith said...

Thank you for visiting. Happy Hallowe'en.

Marie Smith said...

Thank you for visiting. Happy Hallowe'en.

Kathleen's Blog said...

You are so right....everything seems more wondrous through the eyes of a child. We are so blessed to be expecting our first grandchild in February. Your little granddaughters are beautiful,and I bet you are one fab nana!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Marie Smith said...

Thereis nothing like the joy of a grandchild. You are in for such wonder!