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Monday, 4 June 2018

Error problem solved

I tried a number of the fixes several of you suggested but what finally worked was removing photos from Dropbox. Then I contacted BlogTouch for Blogger Pro Edition, the app I use on my Ipad.

This is the reply I received today.

The pictures from Blogger are stored in Picasa ( You will need to create a new album to store the photos since the current album (called Dropbox) is already full (please do not remove any picture there since the pictures are used by your blog).

Important: Please do not remove the Dropbox album.

To solve this, open and add an album named "BlogTouch for Blogger" (there is a button called "Create" on the top bar).

I did as suggested and created the new album. The problem is solved.

Thank you everyone who made suggestions as to how to deal with my photo limit having been reached. 



  1. I'm glad your picture problems are solved. I can sympathize, Blogger doesn't seem to be recording any of my comments. I hope this one finally comes through.

  2. Great the problems you had are now solved. I must say that I am still learning about computers! I get problems but husband is pretty good about fixing things

  3. So good!
    Yes, it is very important not remove the Dropbox album.
    3 years ago, I did that and lost all my posts by that time. Now I am veeery careful for that.
    Have a good day,Marie.

  4. I wonder when that would happen to me as I have been putting photos on Blogger forever?

  5. Glad to hear how you fixed it. I wondered what I might need to do if it happened to me. And now I know! :-)

  6. That's terrific! You're back in biz again!

  7. Computers and all the various apps make me crazy. It's a love/hate existence for me.
    Glad you got your problem solved.
    I would hate to loose my blog posts too.

  8. Interesting. I have never had a problem but will note this if I ever do. Keep well Diane

  9. how nice to hear that blogger replied and that your issue has been resolved. thanks of the info, i may need it some day!!!

  10. Hi everyone,

    I received a response within two days which was a fast response considering how many questions they must get. If I can fix the problem, anyone can do it!

  11. So pleased the problem is solved.

  12. Marie, one of the things that will help keep your storage limit from exceeding its limit is to resize your photos so they aren't so large before uploading them. I resize my photos and watermark them with my blog name before uploading them. Hope this helps!