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Friday 20 December 2013

Six Days

When people told me that I would enjoy being a grandmother I would nod, but I hadn't any real sense of what it might be like.  It was beyond my comprehension at the time.  My husband, Rick, and I raised one child.  I think we were so busy when she was growing up that many of the milestones, while recorded, were not such a wonder.  Who had time to stop, stare and marvel at the daily milestones?

Today with two grand babies, both girls, there is time.  I am amazed by the change in such a short time. Recently we didn't see the youngest baby, Caitlin, for six days because she had a cold.  The last time we saw her, when put face down on the floor, she got up on her hands.  However she didn't seem to know what to do with her legs.  Six days later, she knows what to do and she wants to pull herself up to the coffee table if she's sat on the floor.  In addition, she saying BA, DA and MOM now.  That's such a big difference in six days!

What happened in that short time?  There are people who can describe the physical changes that happen to enable a child to perform these tasks.  I'm sure it involves neurons and musculature and other biological descriptors.  What I know is that our baby is beginning to explore the world and it's great to be along for the joy!

                                       Sylvie, Marie and baby Caitlin

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