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Friday, 20 March 2020

An anti-viral tale

Time at home has never been a problem for me or my husband. Since we retired, there have been times in the winter when I haven’t gone outside for more than two weeks. I hate the cold biting winds and staying inside is an option when the treadmill provides exercise. My husband is the same. Our introverted selves are happy at home.

Every winter, I only buy groceries every two weeks or more. By the time I go for groceries, every fruit and veg in the house has been used. We waste little. I bought groceries early last Saturday morning when there were few people in the store. To avoid the flu every year, I have learned not to touch my face so I don’t find it difficult any more. Much hand washing followed though and I washed anything I touched when I came in the house. We have groceries for a few weeks at least.

A parcel arrived and I washed down the box and its contents. Mail gets the same going over and is left to air dry.

There are two confirmed cases of Covid 19 on Prince Edward Island, a person returned from a cruise and another from a trip to the U.K. Their contacts have been isolated and over two hundred people tested. We have had contact with our daughter and the kids and will continue to do so into the foreseeable future.

The kids are out of school for March break and schools are closed for an additional two weeks. Our daughter keeps a schedule of school work, chores, time outdoors, puzzles and games with them. For now, they are excited about their confinement. Who knows how long that will last? Teachers will have academic information for parents on-line next week as well.

I was out yesterday to help a friend in Emergency at the hospital for an issue unrelated to Covid. There was a hand wash station inside the doors as well as masks at the entrance to the area. A nurse in protective garb questioned me before I was allowed any further. To say I was nervous there is an understatement. We owe a huge debt to the men and women who go to work and risk their own health and that of their families every day during this crisis.

We will walk along the boardwalk for some fresh air. It is possible to stay away from fellow walkers there since the area is never crowded. The time in nature is better than a walk in the neighbourhood. However for me, either is better than the treadmill.

How are social distancing and isolation going for you? 


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like you're handling social distancing well! All is well here too for the moment.

eileeninmd said...


My hubby and I are much the same, we can be content at home. We have the local fire roads for our walking, not many people are out at the same time. I am thankful for the healthcare workers! Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Anvilcloud said...

I am impressed with those who don't touch their faces.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Things are going on as 'almost' normal still here Marie, the washing hands, social distancing, etc definitely yes. People are now being encouraged to work from home. We were in the city on Thursday and it was pretty busy, but people were not getting too close. Things could change fairy soon though. Like you we have a big garden that will get a lot of TLC if we do have to keep to ourselves 💙

DJan said...

My entire routine has been upended, but I am still able to get out to buy needed items, and yesterday I went for a gentle hike with some friends. We kept our distance, and it was lovely. But I just don't know what to do with myself for much of the day. Today I will buy some flowers for my front porch and will work outside for awhile. That will be nice. I so enjoy your posts, Marie. You are doing a good job of staying well. :-)

Linda said...

I could learn a few things from you two. While deeply introverted, I go stir crazy real quickly. And I am an appalling cook to boot. But, that being said, it's best if we all do our best during this difficult time so that is what I will do. Help neighbors and stay home as much as possible.

Stay safe♥

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

So far, so good, as they say. I'm still able to get out for a walk every day and haven't had any problems getting supplies. I haven't felt the need to stock up on toilet paper for the next hundred years though. I'll also be able to get my bicycle out from the shed and get a little further afield. I do worry about other people though who are not happy to be a hermit with minimal possessions. Normal people, in other words.

Boud said...

My concerns are about people like me, old and live alone. I have no trouble occupying myself since I make art, and have other interests. But being alone as s matter of course, in the nine years since I was widowed, isn't the same as the restrictions we now have in place. The parks I count on are closed. All my social groups in rl in hiatus. So there's an adjustment even for someone as self sufficient as I.

I'm so happy to have internet access, since it's taking the place of the closed libraries, social groups, even neighborhood visiting.

This too shall pass!

bill burke said...

So far, so good. We went shopping yesterday and the store wasn't crowded which was good. The previous shopping spree saw people panic buying. Now there are notices up saying don't panic buy and leave some items for others. The floors have markers on them so you can keep a 2 meter distance as you wait to checkout. If you are over 65, the stores and bank have special hours that you can do your business without crowds, a good decision. We did go for a nice walk last night and got the sunset photo I posted today. Been reading a lot and went out today for a long walk. Now time to blog and read. :)
Take care, stay safe and healthy!

Debbie said...

i could have written this myself as much of what you said is the same here, except we have not been in contact with anyone, other than each other. the hubs usually goes out, chores, errands...banking but he has done none of those things. we are retired but still have income property that we usually take care of that together. chuck does the outside of the house stuff, i do the office work. we are both taking the situation here very seriously. we purchased a huge costco order a few weeks ago, we knew this was coming!!!

we go for rides in the car and today, chuck worked in the yard while i sat outside and knitted, it was lovely!! there is one positive case in the town i live in, it is alarming!!

but, we are doing well, we "like" each other so being together a lot is no problem for us!!

At Home In New Zealand said...

You sound like you are doing well. I am particularly impressed about the not-touching-the-face as I find that very difficult to do.
Great that you can get on with your husband when shut inside (many couples cannot). My husband and I also could do this. His manner of work meant we often spent much time together, which is probably partly why I miss him so much.

Elephant's Child said...

Our stores are desparately bare. My heart aches for the poor and the homeless who cannot stockpile.
We are ok for the moment and know we are lucky.
I am spending time in the garden and reading. And thinking about cleaning.

Rhodesia said...

We are not having a major problem with it as yet. We cannot go out the door without a permit but thankfully we have a fairly big garden that needs lots of work. Stay safe. Diane

Tabor said...

Surviving as best as one can. I am an introvert, but that does not mean I need no haircuts, food, etc. I am hanging in there.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Up until today, I have had to go drive the bus, but now we are off for at least three weeks. I plan on staying home for the most part, or going for rides in the country.

Joanne Noragon said...

I think we all are doing the best we can, except the youngsters who literally had the beach pulled from under them in Florida.

Rose said...

I cannot imagine going in to work every a dr's office or in a hospital. I think about those people a lot. The people that go to work every day at the grocery store and walmart, etc take chances ever time they go.

I have to go pick up needles for allergy shots in the next week or two, and I kind of dread it. It is in building with all kinds of drs.

Otherwise, I am enjoying not having to get up and go somewhere every single day.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Other than for the lack of socialization, little has changed for us. We still go out birding every day, we have ample food in the house, when I need to shop I go early. Life is what it is.

baili said...

oh this is sad that there are two cases in your areas what is peace to know that authorities are dealing with this situation nicely

our school are closed for next two months and what concerns ne more is delay of annual examination though it is good decision for the safety of kids and staff indeed

how nice that you will be able to walk outside dear Marie ,such a relief in such depressing situation :)

hope your grand kids will enjoy their sudden vacation at home
stay safe and blessed my friend!

Shammickite said...

I have been at home since last friday. I plan what I'm going to do each day and then get on with it. I have enough food for a while but will have to get more soon. I have been de-cluttering the basement as I have lots of "stuff" that is never used so I have given lots to the local thrift shop. And some given away through freecycle system. But it all has to stop now because of social distancing.

jenny_o said...

It sounds like you are being very sensible, Marie. I would have been worried about going into a hospital also.

I am spending far too much time online and must get my rear in gear and do some of the stuff around the house that I "never have time for" in normal life :)

photowannabe said...

It certainly sounds like we are all in the same boat.
Hubby and I are pretty much staying home and behaving our selves...
Our state of California has mandated we stay home with no travel.
Makes us get really antsy that we "Can't" go, even though we probably wouldn't anyway.
We have enough food and supplies for a good 3 weeks to a month. I have always had reserve so I'm not hoarding.
We are still taking our walk around the block and we do have our nice back yard to putter around in.
Kids are keeping tabs on us to make sure we are ok.
I do worry about my son and his family. Mark is a nurse in the Emergency Department of his hospital.
Very trying times for them and they are beginning to run out of protective gear like masks and gowns. Such a heavy influx of patients.
Prayers for you Marie and for all of us at these pressure filled times.

Angela said...

You do well with the order of no face touching. I probably touch my face 100 times a day. :( I rub my eyes and forehead a lot. Just discovered that now that I am trying not to do it. Glad you are staying safe Marie!

Lea said...

I am following my normal defenses against illness - washing my hands often, using anti-bacterial wipes on grocery cart handles, taking extra vitamins (especially Vitamin C), eating a healthy diet, and avoiding sick people.
With lots of places closed, I worry about the people who have lost their jobs, especially those working in restaurants. Most of them were in low-paying jobs and just barely making ends meet, and now they have nothing!
'Keep calm and keep praying' is always good advice in any crisis.
Thanks for your visit to my blog
Have a blessed day!

Catarina said...

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, author of The Black Swan, will consider the times we are living a Black Swan, I am sure. Surreal!
You were very brave when you decided to help your friend.
I miss strolling in the park. Still coughing a bit… will not venture outdoors at -2 degrees.

Goldendaze-Ginnie said...

Hi Marie: I am somewhat of a Loner so being on self-isolation here in North Carolina is no biggie for me. I am getting to projects that I've ignored for years. I pray that you stay safe and I love that our blogger friends still send us entries. Sending a no-contact hug !

Retired Knitter said...

Pretty much hunkered down with what we need - and tons of solitude. I have discovered that I am a "face toucher" and that is a hard habit to break. But break it I will.

The Happy Whisk said...

This post was very well written and I enjoyed it. So far on the whole, with a few exceptions, I'm seeing more people enjoy their time home. And the dogs across the world, are probably like, what? Home all day. Best thing ever!

Jenn said...

We have adjusted, school has been out done for over a week now and my son is pretty good about everything. I am working from home and only leave for groceries or a walk.

William Kendall said...

When I'm not working or running errands I am at home anyway.

Danielle L Zecher said...

I thought social distancing would be much easier for me than it has been. I'm glad it's going well for you.

Liz Hinds said...

We are totally indebted to so many people on the front line in one way or another.

I am confused by advice - no, confused isn't the right word. For the life of me I can't see why driving somewhere quiet and going for a walk is worse than going for a walk from your house. I know it's because some people are stupid and refusing to observe the rules and the rest of us have to suffer.