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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Brotherly Love

This is a day to celebrate my brother, Frank Pretty; his birthday is this weekend. I found some pictures of the early years we shared on Sunrise Avenue in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, where we grew up in a loving family surrounded by friends, many of whom became like family.

   Baby Brother Francis(Frank)

Despite his own ear problem for the first three years of his life and our parents' illness throughout our lives, we had a happy childhood. 

        Brother and Sister

 Skating at Steady Waters

                Mom in her Later Years

Our Mom, Mary, was at home, looking after everyone and Dad, Sam, worked and passed his pay check over to Mom. 

          First Communion

We did not have a lot but we had enough and we knew how our parents felt about us.

             Dad and Frank

Mom and Dad encouraged both of us to do what we enjoyed and provided us with as many opportunities as they could afford. 

          Music Lessons from an Early Age

My brother was a good student and excelled as an athlete. 

     Hockey Player Frank

           Basketballer Frank

I did not have an athletic bone in my body but did well academically. Because of Mom and Dad, Frank and I knew that when we finished school we would further our education and our parents did everything they could to facilitate that end. Frank went to trades college and I went to university. Each of us was celebrated in our family and had our own way to shine.

        Childhood Friends

    Childhood Friends

 Mom and Dad were exceptional parents and they raised a wonderful son.

             Trophy Winner

Frank is a devoted, funny, loving man who I am proud to call my brother. Happy birthday! You deserve the best!

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Unknown said...

A beautiful tribute to your brother Marie.