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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Hair Line of Generations

We often take pride in our hair and it is one of the traits which may attract us to another person. Hair was an attraction for my husband Rick and I. He loved my long brown hair and I was attracted to his blond locks. 

Before long the attraction went beyond the hair but Rick still mentions how much he loved my long hair. His hair, still blond, is mixed with gray that is all but imperceptible. 

Other family members have hair stories as well. Rick's grandfather, Ern Smith, was balding and lamenting the loss of hair on the top of his head. To cover the bald spot, Ern grew some of his remaining hair to comb over the top. This meant that in a good nor' east gale, Ern's hair flew high. However, that was the least of his problems. One day, while bent to light his pipe, Ern caught his comb-over on fire and was lucky not to have burned himself. The comb-over disappeared after that incident.

Meanwhile, our granddaughters, Sylvie and Caitlin, have their own hair stories. The oldest, Sylvie, was almost bald for the first eighteen months of her life. 

Sylvie was too busy to spare the time and nutrition to grow hair. When her hair did grow, she sprouted beautiful curly locks like her paternal grandmother.

Meanwhile, Caitlin had a full head of hair at birth and a beautiful gray streak, like her Great Great Aunt, Marie Smith, Ern's youngest daughter. 

Caitlin's hair is also curly.

I wonder if the blond hair attraction gene passed to our girls?


Unknown said...

Loved the blog today & the great pictures. Rick really is his father's double isn't he?

Marie Smith said...

He certainly is!