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Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Dog, The Baby and The Grandmother

A few months after our first granddaughter was born, we had occasion to have our granddog, Georgie, visiting at the same time as the baby. 

Our granddaughter, Sylvie was a pleasant child, who interacted with people and her environment almost from birth. I loved singing, reading stories and poems to her. She was and is a source of joy in our lives.

Georgie was the top dog in the family until Sylvie came along. She often visited our house and stayed with us when her family was on vacation. Rick and I loved Georgie and spent quality time with her, grooming, walking, playing; all the things a dog loves to do. Every time we visited her home, she wanted to leave with us.

During this particular visit, Sylvie shared our attention with Georgie who treated Sylvie like her puppy. I sat on the stairs playing with Sylvie. Georgie, not be ignored, moved to the stairs and sat behind me. 

Straddling the steps, 

she was wrapped around my neck like a living, golden boa.

Georgie reached over my shoulder, trying to lick Sylvie. 

Periodically, she was successful.

It was one of the funniest experiences of my life and the pictures tell the tale.



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