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Thursday, 30 April 2015


Such a great surprise this past week! My niece, Samantha came for a surprise visit.

It is so wonderful to see her, spend some time relaxing, shopping, sharing a family meal which we rarely get the opportunity to do. 

So many people have large families. Eight of us at the table this past Sunday is a crowd for us. Like my husband and daughter, my niece is an only child as well. 

My brother, Frank is her father. Her mother, Michele is from a large family so Samantha has many other cousins. However, she is our daughter Claire's only cousin.

It was also great to see our grand-babies getting to know their cousin on their mother's side.

It brought back memories of Samantha at their age, as she wrapped herself around Claire. It will not be too long before our girls do the same to Samantha. Some of the best things in life repeat through the generations.

 Time with family
 is exhausting

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