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Thursday, 4 June 2015

From the Rock to the Garden

Every now and then, we are struck by the beauty of our little Prince Edward Island home. It is not that we take it for granted, but every so often, its garden quality is so evident. Being Newfoundlanders, we appreciate it even more. 

           Coastline of Prince Edward Island

On the way to buy some vegetable plants for the garden this year, we passed acres and acres of land at various stages of readiness for planting.

                   Plowing the Fields

The fertile red soil sits expectantly, waiting for the magic of seed, sun and rain to do the work. We live on a garden in the ocean.

                          Fertile fields
We compare this home to our birthplace where our ancestors fought for every acre of earth, where soil was a precious commodity, as precious as the cod which brought them to that rock in the North Atlantic. 

                    Newfoundland Coast

Our ancestors worked to accumulate enough earth to grow vegetables to sustain the family through the winter.

        The Rocky Coast of Newfoundland

 The acquisition and maintenance of the soil was a huge effort.

              Newfoundland Coastline

The history of farming on this island is as deep as the fertile red soil which sustains it. 

                    Red soil of PEI

The island is famous for its potatoes of course, and also products of the ocean as well.

                            Seaside PEI

Here the soil is almost devoid of rock however, rich and deep, soaking up water easily. Growing can be as easy as turning the sod.

                  Newly Planted Fields

Canada is a vast country with such diversity of environment. We are island people of the east coast of this country, from two such diverse islands that are less than five hundred kilometers apart. They are each beautiful in such different ways. Their unique beauty is not lost on us.

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