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Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Tin

Last week, I wrote about Reverend RF Mercer, my husband's great grandfather, a minister with the Church of England. He worked in various places around Newfoundland over his career, including Harbour Breton and Catalina. We did not have any keepsakes from Reverend Mercer until recently. 

Rick's Aunt Marie on his father's side, has a tin collection which she has saved for years. One of the tins in her collection was a tin from Reverend Mercer. It is a small tin, which held altar candles. Her brother, Melvin, gave her the tin for her collection. It held small items in his garage such as nuts and bolts.

The little tin has seen better days but it is interesting nonetheless. The tin and the candles it once held were made by Charles Farris Ltd. The company also sold altar wine, church furniture and sanctuary oil. It is still in operation today as Charles Farris, Chandlers, 1845, London. The company, in operation for one hundred and seventy years, still makes Church candles. It started during the early years in the reign of Queen Victoria and continues today into the twenty-first century. The longevity of this candle business is quite a feat.

With the size of this little box and the small candles, we wonder if the candles were brought to homes during visitation of the sick or dying, to be lit during prayers. What stories still linger in this little container? 


Thank you to Aunt Marie Smith for the little candle tin and the story which resulted.


Unknown said...

Marie,I was happy to reunite a relic of Rev. Mercer with it's rightful ancestors.

Marie Smith said...

Thank you Aunt Marie.