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Monday, 8 June 2015

Time, Whatever

Retirement is a enjoyable way of life, but for the uninitiated, it can be be a scary thought. What will I do every day? How will I fill all of those hours now filled with work? Will I be isolated with the loss of my work colleagues? Do I have enough money to live as I would like? These are some of the questions that precede the decision to retire.

Rick and I retired in our early fifties. Thirty years in the classroom had worn us down. While we loved our work, the energy which we brought to the profession in the early years ebbed after thirty years. The school system changed with the loss of denominational education and being older, change was difficult for us. We were ready to  retire.

In our early working careers, we worked in the same school for ten years. We enjoyed that part of our careers and worked well together. We spent summer vacations together, the long summer break which teachers enjoy. We knew what it was like to be around the other person all of the time. What some people fear, we embraced. 

Over time, we fell into our new lifestyle and each of us found a balance which we quite enjoy. Rick, a great cook, does as much cooking as I do. He enjoys his life as a host to friends, maintenance of our home, travel, and time with our family living nearby. 

I found a vibrant population of seniors in Summerside which provides many opportunities to do the things which I enjoy, book club, writing family stories, and volunteer work. I venture into the community while Rick maintains the home front.

The best part of the whole process for me is that we live with the "time, whatever" mind set. We determine our agenda, which is flexible. We are available for family emergencies or unscheduled events. As long as our good health continues, we will continue to enjoy this lifestyle.


I wish the same for each of you.

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