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Thursday, 25 June 2015

My Sister-In-Law

As she celebrates another birthday, I want to celebrate my sister-in-law, Michele. Her youthful appearance and demeanor are inspiring to others. This is for you, Michele.

My Sister-In-Law

She is a travel agent, 
Helping people fly. 
She started at it years ago, 
Oh how the time goes by.

She was born to Jack and Mary,
Who lived in St. John's town.
Six siblings were her first friends
All Taylors of renown.

Michele, of whom I'm speaking 
Is my sister-in-law.
Married to my brother Frank,
You know he was the draw.

Then they had Samantha
Their daughter, oh so kind.
She grew to be a person
Who really knows her mind.

Michele loved to garden,
With it she had some skill.
On Cottonwood she grew it all
With a view of Signal Hill.

Fishing is her first love though
Just casting out that line.
And at the Junction with her man
For her it makes things fine.

She also bowled for years and years
But decided then to quit.
She did the same with smoking
And knew she couldn't sit...

So, Michele trained for the Tely 10
She did it all last year.
Her family came to wish her well
To holler and to cheer.

And as she readies again this year
We know that she is training.
Whether off the road or on it
Healthy lifestyle she is gaining.

Young at heart and young of look,
Woman, take it as a sign
To celebrate those years you've seen 
With a glass of good red wine.

  Snowball says happy birthday

Best wishes for a great birthday, Michele. Hope it's one of your best birthdays ever.

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