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Thursday, 16 July 2015


The day started well. Melvin and Sylvia Smith took their Volkswagen Rabbit to the dealership to be repaired. They dropped off the car and returned home in their Chevy truck. Melvin always wanted a truck. They purchased it during a visit to Ontario the previous month because it was so practical for their trips to the cabin at Cartyville, Newfoundland.

The Smiths drove back to the dealership in the afternoon to get Sylvia's car and Melvin waited to see that everything was alright with the vehicle. They were headed down O'Connell Drive towards home, with Sylvia in the lead, when it happened.

As they passed the college, Melvin, distracted, took his eyes from the road as Sylvia braked for an animal. BANG. Melvin, in the new truck, ran into the back of Sylvia's Rabbit. Nobody was hurt but both vehicles were damaged.

A police officer responded to the call. Arriving on the scene and assessing the situation, he said to Melvin, "I should give you a ticket, but I think you have enough problems."

The things people do to save a dollar!

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