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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Theatre As A Medium

Theatre is one of my favourite things. However, I did not have the opportunity to experience it until I was a teenager. To share our love of theatre, this past weekend, Rick and I took our granddaughter, Sylvie, to see Alice Through The Looking Glass at the Confederation Centre in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

It is a beautiful theatre and its size was not lost on Sylvie who had only experienced the Harbourfront Theatre in Summerside prior to that day. The play itself was well done, with beautiful costumes, great acting and wonderful props. For Rick and I however, the experience was not about the performance itself but seeing our grandchild experience a theatrical production for the first time.


Sylvie loved everything about the performance, the jelly beans, bubbles, streamers, characters, music, and dancing. She especially loved Alice who worked her way through a chess game, meeting and overcoming all obstacles she met along the way. Sylvie loved Humpty Dumpty as well and was sad when he fell off-stage and egg splattered on to the stage. She enjoyed watching the conductor in the orchestra pit and listening for the unseen musicians.

As I sat with Sylvie, I thought of my grandfather Pretty who took me traveling with him. Though I was older than Sylvie, I experienced so many new things traveling with Pop and I was enthusiastic about everything. I wonder if he took the same pleasure in watching my experience of the world like we enjoyed Sylvie's reaction to the play?

                 Sam Pretty Sr.

Sylvie is the fifth generation from my grandfather Pretty. I hope she has fond memories of her grandfather and me in years to come, just as I have of my grandfather. We have a good beginning.


Unknown said...

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child.No experience like it!How wonderful that you did this for your beautiful granddaughter.

Marie Smith said...

Her face says it all.