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Sunday, 12 July 2015

The Thieving Dogs

Georgie, the granddog, is visiting again for a few weeks so it is time for some dog stories. This golden retriever loves ice cream. Once a week we take her for ice cream when she's here. Georgie recognizes the street where the dairy bar is located as soon as we turn on to that road. Then she starts to whine and drool, knowing what is coming.

         Georgie having a lick

During a visit to her home one day last summer, we had ice cream, as did Georgie. While our daughter, Claire, tended to one of the girls, she placed her ice cream cone on the kitchen counter. After Claire turned her back, Georgie jumped up over the counter, reached in and chomped on the cone, devouring it in two bites. She had not done anything like that before but let's face it, the dog loves her ice cream and you cannot turn your back on her when it is around. More care is taken with ice cream placement since that time.

             Angelic Georgie

There was another dog in the family who was a food thief as well. My brother had a dog called Morgan, a Shetland sheepdog. Frank's then girlfriend, now wife, Michele had baked a chocolate cake for an anniversary, an open book shape on which she would put the names of the couple. She left the  cake on the dining room table overnight, ready to decorate in the morning.

        Mom, Claire,  Dad, Morgan

The next morning, my mother discovered that one side of the cake was missing, looking as if it had been cut from the remaining half. When my brother woke, Mom said, " That's pretty good what you did. You must have been some hungry."

Frank replied, "What are ya talkin' about, Mudder?"

"You b'y. You ate half the cake Michele had ready to decorate for the anniversary," said Mom.

"I didn't touch that cake, Mudder. I didn't even see the cake. Where is it?"

Mom showed Frank the cake and seeing the damage, Frank said, "Morgan."

Morgan was quiet that day, sheepish, or should I say dogish, from eating the cake, or sick from the chocolate, we never knew which.

               Claire and Puppy Morgan

Michele made and decorated a second cake, out of Morgan's reach this time.

The thieving dogs!

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