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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

You Won't Know It When You See It

When it comes to clichés, I take the cookie. If these walls could sing, they would confirm it. I should avoid them like the flu but I just don't learn it.

Maybe I do think outside the carton because I mix them up. But every cloud has a silver side because I try not to use them in my writing as a result. Only time will indicate if I have been successful. 

Yesterday, my husband, Rick and I spoke about the reward money offered by the potato industry of Prince Edward Island. Someone or some group of people put metal in potatoes which made it to the market place. Of course the farmers are scared out of their senses because they do not want to lose their markets due to this tampering. The reward is now $500,000.00 and the hope is that good information comes to those who wait.  

My comment was, "If I knew who it was I would sing like a parrot."

"You wouldn't say much then because parrots aren't known for singing," said Rick.

 At the beginning of the day, another one bites the asphalt!

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