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Monday, 23 June 2014


It was warm and sunny the other day. We've waited for this weather a long time this year. The snow held on and after it melted we had another big snowfall the early part of April. Then it was cold, windy and wet. Now, looking at the dying days of June, it's warming up.

That evening then, talking to my neighbour for a few minutes in the back yard, I was eaten by mosquitos, at least ten fly bites in as many minutes. It felt like my arms and legs were on fire.

When we were on vacation, Rick and I were impressed with the lifestyles in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The people are out in the parks, plazas and squares, eating outside, walking around the city or town. In our climate, most of the year we are running from the car to a building or house, trying to get away from the cold, wind or whatever weather presents itself that day. Now the weather is beautiful and we're running from the flies, another thing to complain about. 

The thing is, in order to get a few months of outdoor enjoyment, we have to steel ourselves against the insects. Get the bug spray out again, summer's finally here. The insects, like us, are ready for summer!

Tomorrow is my sister-in-law, Michele's birthday. The age doesn't matter because Michele is young in many ways. A few years ago, after several attempts over the years, she quit smoking. Now she is probably in the best shape of her life as she walks and works out regularly. Michele is getting younger as the years go by.


One of the middle children in a family of seven, Michele was born to Jack and Mary Taylor of St. John's. As such, she is a gregarious person, full of life, fun and energy. She has made her life's work the travel industry which is very suited to such a personality, but her career doesn't define Michele.

Michele is a family person. She and Frank had Mom living in their basement apartment for years and after her own mother's death, her father lived in the house with them for half of each year until his death. Michele is close to her siblings and cousins as well. She is a devoted wife and mother to Frank and Samantha.

A fisherperson at heart, Michele loves the cabin where she and Frank have lots of friends but also lots of peace and quiet. Michele is a kind friend and a wonderful Aunt to our daughter Claire. She has helped us numerous times and nothing seems like it's too much bother or trouble for her. 

Happy birthday, Michele. Have a great day! You deserve it!

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