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Monday, 23 June 2014

There It Was

My in-laws, Melvin and Sylvia, at one time owned cabins on the west coast of Newfoundland. The second cabin was purchased from Sylvia's uncle, Reg, and his wife, Leona, after they tired of cabin life.

This cabin was on a beautiful piece of land, tree covered with enough land cleared for a lawn, driveway, shed, backyard. Eventually Melvin decided to put a large deck on the side of the cabin in addition to the one on the front. By this time there was a little fir tree growing up in the area of the proposed deck. The little tree was beautiful, perfectly even in shape. Melvin decided to build the deck around the tree, to make it part of the architecture rather than just cut it down.

Over the years, the little tree grew and before long it was taller than Melvin and Sylvia. Every year they packed up the cabin in the autumn, put across the gate and returned every spring. The tree grew taller every year until it finally towered over them.

                     Melvin and Sylvia

One of the neighbours across the road always kept watch over the cabin for them every year. People often commented to him about the tree growing up through the deck across the road. Someone mentioned that it would make a great Christmas tree. The neighbour suggested, in jest, that no one had better touch that tree because he had a rifle and was watching over it.

Eventually the neighbour got sick and died. The next spring, when Sylvia and Melvin returned to the cabin, they were shocked to discover the tree had been chopped down and taken away.

As Newfoundlanders say, "There it was...gone!"


Happy birthday to a very special person, Rick's Aunt Marie. Marie is more than an Aunt to us however. She is a wise friend, confidante, cooking/baking expert, family historian and all round good person. She has a son, Jeff, daughter-in-law, Jana and two grandsons, Bryn and Nick, all of whom she adores.

                                                Two Maries and Georgie

Have a great day, Marie. You deserve the best, always!

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