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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Rabbit Tales

Newfoundlanders often take advantage of all that nature has to offer. Hunting and fishing are common practices. People hunt moose, caribou, birds of various types, bear, seal. Rabbit is sometimes shot but is often caught in snares.

Rabbit makes a delicious meal and is a welcome addition to the menu. Snares are wire lassos that are attached along the path of a rabbit run, an area showing rabbit activity through the underbrush. The lasso tightens around the rabbit's neck, killing it. Hunters set their snares and check them daily during the season.

When we lived in Buchans, Newfoundland, we often had rabbits from acquaintances in Buchans Junction. We lived in a mobile home then and Rick cleaned the rabbits underneath the trailer, keeping all the mess out of the house.

Rabbit stew with a pastry cooked on top of the root vegetables was delicious. The rabbit available in the grocery stores today just does not have the same appeal as that wild rabbit.

Recently, my niece, Samantha, visited. She is well versed in the modern electronics which she sells in a major electronics franchise whilst attending university. She can quote specifications, prices, and brands with surety and speed. There is one thing she did not know about however.

Samantha and my husband, Rick, discussed the tv channels available now and the programs they watch. Rick, not much of a tv watcher, commented, "I would be satisfied with CBC and rabbit ears."

Samantha replied, "What?"

Note: CBC is a Canadian national public radio and television broadcaster.

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