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Thursday 20 August 2015

Bother With Bees

We have spectacular weather this week, hot and sunny. Because we are not fans of air conditioning in the car, we often drive with the windows open this time of year. On such occasions, bees and fond memories of our fellow Newfoundlanders are on our minds.

In August one summer before our daughter was born, Rick and I drove to St. Anthony on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland for a short vacation. On the way down the peninsula, we picked up a man who waved us down as we noticed a truck out over the embankment. It looked as if the truck had sailed over the embankment and plopped down on the rocks.

The man was agitated as he described how he was driving along the road with the windows open, when a bee came in and hit his hand. The inflamed welt on his hand showed the result. He said, "I jus' lost control o' da truck. I would a soved 'er but 'e fisted into me."

"You were some lucky," I said.

"Yes, maid. Me truck is broke up but I can go home tanite. Dat's a good ting," he said.

The moral of the story is: wen da windows is down, look out fer bees cos dey might fist into ya and ya might not sove da vehicle or yerself.

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