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Sunday 30 August 2015

The Power of Older Women

We often focus on the negative aspects of the power surges, commonly referred to as hot flashes, experienced by older women. For example, they can be so disturbing in their frequency and intensity that they can interfere with daily life and sleep. Embarrassment can be a result as well when the heat strikes during a meeting, a movie or a concert, requiring a fan or clothing removal. Years of life with this daily, though intermittent challenge, makes these surges unwelcome though familiar visitors. We learn to adapt and get on with life. However, there is a distinct advantage to these power surges.

This summer, I notice that my husband is sometimes overcome with the heat and I am just comfortable. Years of the power surges have made me comfortable in warmer temperatures and because the power surges are not constant, they make normal heat bearable the remainder of the time. 

So, I have a theory. With global warming a reality, older women have a biological edge. A warmer planet will not affect us as much and neither will colder conditions. Our ability to generate our own heat will become an enormous advantage.

For older women, age means power. 

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