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Tuesday 18 August 2015

Bread, Then And Now

When we came home from school, my brother and I loved the smell of fresh baked bread. Mom always made delicious bread, at least once a week. Bread day was the best because the fresh bread was a snack or dessert that night with butter and molasses.

                       Bread made by Betty Simms

During my summers with my grandparents in Maddox Cove, Newfoundland, bread was a staple of the menu. Nan made bread which had a thick crust, cooked in the wood stove. Also, the mother of two of my friends baked bread often as well. On bread day, she gave each of us a small bun, hot out of the over, slathered in butter and sugar. We thought we had the world; it was so good.  

In western Newfoundland where my husband, Rick grew up in Corner Brook, bread was also a staple of the menu. Both of his grandmothers, as well as his mother, baked delicious bread and Rick loved it too. Even today, he eats a sandwich for the bread rather than the filling. In addition, Rick's father preferred bread and butter to any dessert.

Rick's Aunt Marie speaks of her father, Ern, and his love of bread. It was his dessert most days, preferring it to sweets. He liked molasses, jam, or peanut butter with it though. As he got older, bread or crackers with a condiment was often his entire meal. 

It is easy then to see why our two granddaughters are bread lovers. If there is bread on the table, the girls will eat it rather than the rest of the meal. We hide the bread sometimes so that they will eat their meal.

                    Bread made by Betty Simms

There was a time that bread was a vital part of the menu for a family when other food was scarce. Today, with the availability of food, we limit bread consumption. Prosperity brings concerns of its own.

Thank you to Betty Simms for the pictures. We know your bread is as delicious as it looks.

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