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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Island Heritage

There is a connection to islands for our family. Our ancestors were Newfoundlanders for generations but originally came from England, Scotland and Ireland. We lived in Newfoundland but moved to Prince Edward Island when we retired. Life on an island is familiar to us, comfortable, written in our genetic code after generations of life influenced so much by the sea.

Our granddaughters were born on this island and their father is from England, with a family heritage from Cornwall.

The girls have the island genetics from both sides of their family. How does their island heritage influence them?

Even at an early age, they love the beach and the ocean, which is a wonderful part of this island heritage. Learning about sea life such as hermit crabs, building sand castles,

learning to swim, 

walking on the beach, 

are part of their lives as pre-schoolers. Lobster is already a favourite food as are cod and haddock.

The sea already has its influence in their young lives.

With ancestors who for generations made their livelihoods on and near the ocean, it is hard to imagine our girls will not be drawn to the sea in some way during their adult lives. Time will tell.

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