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Thursday 13 August 2015


Our granddaughters were born on Prince Edward Island, Canada. They are native islanders, the common name for residents of this place. At four years old, our oldest grandchild, Sylvie, is beginning to identify with home and at the end of vacations, looks forward to coming back to her yellow house in her neighbourhood. Island identity begins early. 

Islanders love their ice cream 

and visits to dairy bars 

are a common occurrence during the summer months. 

Our girls are steeped in this island tradition and love the creamy confection 

almost as much as their grandfather Smith. However, they will never be able to equal their grandfather's love of ice cream, though they are off to a superb start.


Unknown said...

Marie, Reading this story reminded me how much the girls' great=great grandfather loved ice cream.We only had it on very special occasions because it was expensive and of course we had no freezer. However,when ever there was a reason to have ice cream,Ern rose to the occasion! I remember when Queen Elizabeth was crowned it was a national holiday. My sister and I were given the fifty cent piece to go get ice cream. It came in one pint bricks and we always had vanillla. Ern would take the carton off the brick and we each got a thin slice.A pint of ice cream divided by five .Ern got a slice but any leavings on the paper were always his. Thank you for bring this happy memory to mind for me today.

Marie Smith said...

Rick recalls you bringing home a brick of ice cream which had a shamrock in the middle of it when you cut into it. That really impressed him at the time. He loved visits to his Pop Smith.

Marie Smith said...

Thanks for adding that memory to the story, Aunt Marie.

Unknown said...

It must have been St. Patrick's day. Like I said if there was an occasions Dad had ice cream!!

Marie Smith said...

It's genetics obviously, the Smith love of ice cream!