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Sunday 16 August 2015

Not So Smart...Phone

During intermission at a recent theatre event Rick and I attended, everyone but two of us in the row was using smart phones, not talking to the friends or family present. This astonishes me that one would go with someone to an event and not even speak to the person.

It is the same everywhere you go today, people are on phones or texting people located elsewhere, and not talking with the people next to them. Many people make themselves available all the time for such conversations. There was a time when going out to dinner with someone meant that you spoke to your companion. That may not happen today.

Not only are people using their phones for communication but surfing the internet keeps people from talking to each other as well. Today, you never have to wonder about anything. All knowledge is at your fingertips all the time if you have a smart phone, which precludes social interaction for answers.

Our granddaughters, at two and four, are familiar with smart phones and all of their uses. These phones are the least of what they will use during their lifetimes. Where is it going?

    Sylvie on the cell phone

Will people lose the art of face to face conversation? Will we have communication and internet implants at birth which keep us available and "plugged in" at all times? We cannot even imagine where this phenomena will go.

Sometimes, I lament the old ways.


Unknown said...

Well said!

Marie Smith said...

I know how you feel about this topic, Aunt Marie. I learned from you.