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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Dancing Spirit

She was a reluctant newborn with a tenuous hold on life. Since that time however, over four years now, Sylvie has celebrated that life with joy. Her very being is a testament to love of life including dance, movement.

At two, she spent hours watching The Nutcracker on youtube with the attention of an adult. Her ballet moves, as she called them, were practiced often and with much enthusiasm. She watched Angelina Ballerina so as to copy the movement.

Then she went to ballet class where she watched for a few weeks, afraid to move to the dance floor, watching from the sidelines. When she finally tried it, she was taken with the music, movement and the group led by the teacher. The classes were not long enough.

Now the group is preparing for the year-end show. She will be one of a group of butterflies, whose wings can actually move. Sylvie is thrilled with the costume and the fact that she will be on the stage where she has seen other performers. Her excitement is infectious.

Witnessing Sylvie's love of dance is entertaining and heart warming. The performance itself will be a bonus.


Unknown said...

How exciting!! Bring lots of tissues!

Marie Smith said...

We will!

tattina said...

She looks like a dancing flower.
I hope that the performance was successful.

Marie Smith said...

It was wonderful Tattina. Thank you.