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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ice Cream Tour

It may happen this year. We've threatened to do it for years, but this may be the year to start our ice cream tour of Prince Edward Island. In 2004, we visited our daughter several times during her first year nursing on this island. We noticed the dairy bars immediately, having come from Grand Falls-Windsor, and the home of the big scoop...of ice cream, at Centennial corner store. However, Newfoundland cannot compete with the dairy bars in Prince Edward Island which appear to spontaneously generate in the countryside.

The diary bars open every April now and most close in September. This year many opened when the snow was still around. Still, the people flock for the sweet, creamy offerings, often made with island ingredients. Sometimes the menu includes hot food as well. 
The unusual combinations available are often curious, such as the bacon sundae at Kenny's in Ellerslie, about thirty-five kilometers from Summerside. 

We visited there last year after a picnic at Green Park. 

At Kenny's the hot and cold menu offers lots of variety. 

When we visited, we had our granddog with us, Georgie, who also loves ice cream.

Georgie gave her drool of approval as did we, minus the drool of course. After a day in the park, the ice cream was a welcome treat.

We are accustomed to bus tours as a way to see the world. Ice cream lovers such as we are, would enjoy a dairy bar tour as a way to test the various dairy confections available on this island. For us, the tour will have to occur over many summers; the waistlines and cholesterol levels could not handle it otherwise. Meanwhile, our visits to our local dairy bar have begun already. However, a trip to Kenny's may be on the agenda over the long weekend.

We did bump our heads!

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