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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Miracle of Green

The days are upon us, those few days every spring when the leaves burst from their buds. It starts with that hint of green replacing the bare branches and twigs which weathered the worst nature could muster.

A week ago, trees looked the same as they have for seven months. 

Mere days ago, snow covered the ground at the base of the trees, now just one small patch. 

Suddenly however, the promise of green is evident.

Watching this eruption is one of my favourite natural spectacles. It is slow, not for the impatient or those needing instant gratification. It unfurls slowly over a week or so, resulting is that new green, 

fresh from nature's factory, a mix of molecules which, under the right conditions, renew tree and spirit.

We have the privilege of watching the miracle!

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