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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

To Sleep Or Not...

Women of a certain age know all about sleepless nights, whether from nursing a baby when younger, or, later in life, hot flashes disturbing your sleep. While sleep can be evasive, sometimes when it does come, it can be sudden or sound.

My sister-in-law, Michele, comes to mind where sudden sleep in concerned. As one story goes, my mother was talking to Michele in the living room one evening. They were sharing stories of the past week since they had last seen each other. Mom talked and Michele responded but suddenly stopped mid sentence.

Mom said,"Michele, Michele."

Thinking that Michele had died suddenly, Mom walked over and bent to see if Michele's chest was still rising. As Mom leaned over, Michele woke and finding Mom's face in her face, was startled, which in turn startled Mom. Both jumped with fright. After their hearts started again, the story became part of Michele's herstory.

There was a time we needed a jackhammer for work in our house in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland. The contractor came early one morning, and I had just gone to sleep after a restless night. Believe me, you do not get sympathy for sleeplessness when part of your herstory is sleeping through the sound of a jackhammer breaking up a concrete floor not fifteen feet away in your house.

We all have to sleep sometime!

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