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Monday, 18 May 2015

Growing Pains

The cold floor was the solution. When I woke with pains in my legs as a young child, Mom and Dad accidentally discovered that when they put me down on the cold floor, it helped. However, the pains continued as I grew into adulthood. Over time I learned how to cope, though sometimes not too successfully. The pain sometimes woke me at night when I was in my twenties.

I learned over time that natural products, such as oil of wintergreen, could be helpful. Though the odour was strong, the oily liquid gave some relief. However, the strong smell limited when I could use the remedy, unless I wanted the wintergreen scent assaulting an unsuspecting public. This often meant I only used the oil at night.

One winter night I woke to the pain again and half asleep, rose to get the wintergreen. I quickly applied it and went back to bed. Several minutes later, Rick woke, and sniffing the air said, "What's that smell?"

"Oil of wintergreen," was the reply. 

"Are you sure?"
"Yes," I replied but I too now noticed the strong, unusual odor.

"Marie, that's not oil of wintergreen. What did you rub on your legs?"

Curious now, and beginning to think he was right, I went again to the bathroom, turned on the light and grabbed the little bottle from the counter. 

Oil of citronella. We used it as insect repellent.

Returning to bed after I cleaned up and reapplied the correct oil, Rick commented, "At least we won't get bitten by any mosquitos tonight." 

He was right!

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