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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Millman Road in Irishtown

Heritage roads on Prince Edward Island are a link to the past. These old red dirt roads etched into the countryside were the thoroughfare for horse and cart in days gone by and never endured the modern day indignity of pavement. Without development, trees have stretched over the roads, providing seasonal beauty to all who walk their lengths. My husband and I have walked a number of these roads and Millman Road is our favourite thus far.

The leaves have unfurled for another year and their new green is brilliant.

Looking down Millman Road, one is enticed forward into the verdure.

There are places where the canopy is so thick that the road beneath is dark. 

The birds are invisible among the leaves but their theme music fits the setting. Ahead the sunlight brightens the road, urging us onward.

The road is cut deep into the red soil after more than a century. 

This leaves some of the forest floor at eye level where we can see tiny spring blooms. Star flower, 

Wild lily of the valley 

and Blue-bead lily 

are often overlooked but not today.

Apple blossoms line the canopy

and petals line the road. 

Animals love the sweet bounty every autumn.

Farmland lines both sides of the gently rolling countryside. At the crest of one of the hills, a view to Southwest River and beyond 

gives a sense of the island and its beauty.

The fields have been planted in neat rows and the crop has erupted from the soil.

Last summer was a dry one. This spring has been wet. What will this summer bring?

We finish our walk with Georgie, the golden grand-dog, who smiles every time she is off lead. 

The road is paradise for her and us.

Answers to questions from recent posts:

Barbara at asked how long it takes to get to Cavendish Grove. The Grove is about thirty minutes from our house. From end to end of this island is a three hour drive. For us, nothing is ever more than two hours away though most of our excursions are less than an hour from home. The boardwalk we visit regularly is five minutes away. In the summer, we rent a beach house on the eastern side of the island and explore that area. It is over an hour away.

Debra at asked about the Lake of Shining Waters. This lake is behind the sand dunes at Cavendish Beach. It is known as MacNeil’s Pond as well. On the park maps it is called Lake of Shining Waters in keeping with the Anne of Green Gables theme.

John at asked about the fence in the Cavendish Beach photo. The fence is to keep beach goers away from areas where Piping plovers are nesting. The endangered bird is returning to the area and park personnel are keeping them as safe as they can. These plovers nest on the beaches above the high water mark.


Anvilcloud said...

Verdure: I like it. Not sure I have ever read it or used it before.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What a lovely walk that would be! If I make it back to PEI, I must visit MacNeil's Pond, the real-life Lake of Shining Waters -- thanks for answering my question!

DJan said...

I can see why this is so far your favorite walk: beauty, views, flowers, and more. I wish I had a question for you to answer, but I cannot think of any. I am just so grateful to have discovered PEI through your blog, Marie. :-)

Laurel Wood said...

The red soil reminds me of Georgia's. I love where the trees form a canopy over the road. Fun to see the different tiny wildflowers growing.

William Kendall said...

A pretty area to be walking through!

Debbie said...

i enjoyed the q & a, answers to questions i had not asked!!!

you are a wonderful writer marie, you have a real way with words. beautiful pictures today!!!

Angela said...

Truly enchanting Marie!! Love these places that you go for walks. I did not knew that from end to end of PEI is only 3 hrs. Very informative post!

Elephant's Child said...

I had never considered the concept of heritage roads before. And love it.
And the magnificence you saw and share.
A big thank you for the answers to questions too.

Bill said...

What a beautiful area to walk through and explore.
Excellent photos!

Celia said...

So green and gorgeous. It's what my Mom would have called a natural cathedral; green, peaceful and serenaded by birds.

Ruth Hiebert said...

That road looks wonderful and so inviting. I want to take my camera down a road like that. Oh the beauty.Thanks for sharing these images and thoughts.

Lowcarb team member said...

Looks a beautiful area to walk, I did enjoy your photographs.

All the best Jan

Rosie said...

Beautiful photos, I would love to walk there.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Can there be a prettier walk Marie, under the canopy of the trees, even when they lose their leaves in winter would be a delight 💙

Debbie said...

2nd scroll thru and i realized the apple blossoms are so beautiful!!!

Catarina said...

The visitor never runs out of places to explore in PEI. It is so beautiful!!

Danielle L Zecher said...

Beautiful pictures! I think it's so pretty when trees grow across a road like that. There just seems to be something magical about it.

baili said...

Oh dear Marie cannot thank you enough for taking us along to you favorite road which is loaded with soothing natural beauty each step !


i can see why you love it :)

jenny_o said...

What a beautiful place to walk! Like you, we've had a cool spring but now everything is lush and green, probably the greenest it's been in several years. Yesterday's and today's rain is making it even more so.

John's Island said...

Hello Marie, Sometimes I wish I could say I’m teaching a class called “Blogging 101” ... If it was true, you would be getting an A+ on this post. :-) What an excellent walk and thank you for all the photos. I have had a hunch that PEI is a beautiful place and your blog is confirming that to be true. This old, unpaved road is the kind of place I would love to find for my daily walks. Is this close enough to home that you could easily walk here daily? What a wonderful, peaceful place this is. I love your selection of photos. The view to Southwest River ... I just want to sit down and look at that view for an hour. And, it would be perfect if I had Georgie along. :-) Thank you for sharing and for answering my question about the fence. Hope you are having a fine weekend. John

Barbara said...

If it weren't for the grand girls, I believe I'd have to move up there with all the beautiful trails and beaches to walk. Thanks for the island description. I really enjoy travelling with you on these walks.

Jenn said...

I have always loved it when the trees touch over the the road. I feel like laying down and taking photos looking up!